The ESCOM Journal is a publication of the Emeritus Students College of Marin and is published on alternative months online.  A limited number of printed copies are available in the ESCOM Centers at both the Kentfield and Indian Valley campuses.  ESCOM members are invited to submit news items, or creative works, such as original art, photography, poetry, memoir and fiction to the editor.  The deadline for each issue is the 15th of the prior month.  Submissions or questions and comments should be addressed to the editor:

         Journal for May/June 2024

          Journal for Mar/April 2024             

          Journal for Jan/Feb 2024


           Journal for Nov/Dec 2022                       Journal for Nov/Dec 2023 

          Journal for Sept/Oct 2022                       Journal for Sept/Oct 2023

        Journal for July/August 2022                  Journal for July/August 2023

        Journal for May/June 2022                         Journal for May/June 2023

        Journal for March/April 2022                     Journal for Mar/April 2023

         Journal for Jan/Feb 2022                           Journal for Jan/Feb 2023


Journal for Nov/Dec 2021

Journal for Sept/Oct 2021

Journal for July/Aug 2021

Journal for May/June 2021

Journal for Mar/April 2021

Journal for Jan/Feb 2021

Journal for Nov/Dec 2020

Journal for Sept/Oct 2020

Journal for July/Aug 2020

Journal for May/June 2020

Journal for Mar/April 2020

Journal for Jan/Feb 2020

Journal for Nov/Dec/2019

Journal for Sept/Oct/2019

Journal for June/July/Aug 2019

Journal for April/May 2019

Journal for Feb/Mar 2019

Journal for Dec 2018/Jan 2019

Journal for Oct/Nov 2018

Journal for August 2018


We thank our Editor, Denize for her single-handed creation of the Journal and for creating such a beautiful publication for our members. 

The Journal welcomes your submissions.

Submit your final, proofed work.  Changes, unless absolutely necessary, will not be accepted after submission.

Include your name in file name and on the page of any document.  You must be an ESCOM member to submit work.

Written work must be single spaced, left margin oriented, and attached as a Word doc.  Do not submit pdf’s of written work (as these cannot be properly transferred or edited).

Art and photographic images must be no larger than 300 kb and attached to the email in the pdf or jpeg format (not imbedded in the email message).

If your poem must center, please note.  Misspellings, grammatical errors and erroneous line breaks could be mistaken as the author’s intent and not corrected.  Proof all copy before sending.

Information for “In Memoriam” must be verified with an obituary that appears in an official resource such as a newspaper to avoid errors.  The production of the Journal is supported by the Joan Hopper Trust.