About Us

ESCOM was founded as the Emeritus Students of the College of Marin.  We are the senior student body organization of the College of Marin.

As a member, you will automatically receive our two monthly electronic publications, Club Notes and Events & Activities newsletter, both of which are filled with information about events, activities and clubs. In addition, we will send a special notification by email that links to the latest edition of the Journal and we periodically send out additional reminders about our special events like the Author’s Series, and our Summer and Winter Membership Events.

We encourage our new members to attend one of our council meetings on the third Thursday of each month excluding June and December (our General Meeting) and July when we go on vacation!  You can stop by on the day of the meeting or give our member desk a call or email us so we know you are coming and can welcome you by name.  The telephone number and email addresses for ESCOM are at the bottom of this letter.

We are always looking for active, engaged members to join our council and move through the leadership chairs or become part of or chair of a committee if you enjoy a deeper level of involvement.

Our leadership is dedicated to providing excellent classes and clubs, raising funds for scholarships for Community Education students.  As the senior arm of the College of Marin student body, we believe participation is an integral responsibility of our organization as well as planning a leadership vision for the short term and the future of ESCOM.

Our officers and Council are receptive to new ideas and welcome your participation.  Please attend a meeting, give us a call or don’t hesitate to write!

To contact us:

Email at:  escom@marin.edu

By phone:

Kentfield ESCOM Center at (415) 485-9652
Indian Valley ESCOM Center at (415) 457-8811 ext 8322