By bschane
July 8th, 2019 - 8:34am


This year we have held two amazing, and very well attended member meetings.  Our Winter Solstice event was at St. John’s Parish Hall in Ross with over 80 members in attendance.  We had a delicious light lunch and wine and a fun times were had by all.

In June, we had our Summer Solstice Member meeting on the Kentfield Campus.  This is our annual business meeting where we introduced the 7 new council members, Joan Cassin, Jay Conner, Ellen Breazeales, Nancy Major, Bonnie Jean Martz,  Michael Semler and Sandra White-Macleod.  We have a fabulous group of new members, engaged, energetic and ready to go at our next council meeting on August 15th. 

Our new President is Luanne Mullin, Dick Park as our Interim Vice President and returning council members Bev Munyon, Gini Moore, Jim Moore, Toni Middleton, Abe Farkas and Denize Springer.  Our long time member, Paul Tandler has move to the honorary status Council Member Emeritus.  Anne Pearson has moved to Past-President.

Your council is working hard to make 2019/2020 a fabulous year and coming soon is the 50th anniversary of the founding of ESCOM, 1974-2024.  Time does indeed fly, and your council works hard to live up to the promise and mission of ESCOM.