Emeritus council members
Seated L to R: Bev Munyon, Paul Tandler, Standing L to R: Luanne Mullin, Toni Middleton, Anne Pearson, Gini Moore, Denize Springer, Jim Moore, Eric Sitzensatter. Missing from photo: Lillian Hanahan, Pat Ryan, Abe Farkas. Photo Credit: Sheherazade Arasnia


Emeritus Students of College of Marin (ESCOM) was designed to serve the unique needs of older adults who are dedicated to the principles of quality of life, lifelong learning, and personal growth. Emeritus is an integral part of the College of Marin.

The Emeritus Program, created in 1974, was a pioneer in the innovative use of community colleges for adults and was selected as a national model by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and helped many institutions initiate similar programs.  Membership in ESCOM is open to all students and community members with no previous educational requirements, only a desire to learn.

Basic to Emeritus is the concept of democratic decision making and planning using the talents and judgment of its members to enrich their own lives and to contribute to the community.

Emeritus is organized so that its members may learn and develop through study, clubs and auxiliary activities offered by the College of Marin.


Emeritus Council serves as the governing body of Emeritus Students of College of Marin and from its inception was composed of a thirteen-member council and the Curriculum Committee.

Emeritus membership is composed of:

  • Members who enroll or have enrolled in not-for-credit, non-credit, or credit classes at the College of Marin.
  • Community members that purchase an ESCOM membership and do not have student status but participate in ESCOM activities, clubs and events.

Emeritus represents ESCOM members of all ages on the College Council and:

  • Encourages lifelong learning, social interaction, friendship and participation in the democratic process.
  • Communicates information on ESCOM 31 clubs, our college community, college events and activities and annual ESCOM and ESCOM sponsored events (Mini-Medical, Senior Fair, Author’s Series, Member Meetings).


It is the responsibility of Emeritus Council Members to:

  • Attend council meetings, express opinions, and help other council members with the work of the council.
  • Participate in council projects and activities, leadership in clubs, committes, Author's Series, and two annual general meetings, as well as serving the needs of Emeritus at both IVC and Kentfield campuses. 
  • Participate in the greater community events, such as Mini-Medical Program and Senior Fair.
  • Participate in determining budget priorities and how targeted monies such as bequests or donations are to be allocated.
  • Be a proactive voice for Emeritus by informing members of the opportunities clubs can offer in friendship and new ideas, by supporting Community Education in offering a variety of classes, and by participating on college boards and committees.

Emeritus Students College of Marin (ESCOM) meetings are held in the ESCOM Centers, Kentfield Campus. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month, 10 am – 12 pm (excluding June, July, and December). 

Please contact: escom@marin.edu


The Curriculum Committee assists in the selection of courses by recognizing excellence in teaching and by providing subsidies to qualified classes with insufficient enrollment.  In addition, the committee offers financial aid grants to older adult students who may need assistance in payment of course fees.


Sadika Sulaiman Hara
Director of Student Activities & Advocacy Office (SSA)

Beth Hampson, M. Ed.
Program Administrator
Community Education, Lifelong Learning and International Education


President: Anne Pearson
Vice President: Luanne Mullin
Treasurer: Toni Middleton

Council Member: Paul and Iris Tandler
Council Member: Bev Munyon
Council Member: Jim and Gini Moore
Council Member: Abraham Farkas
Council Member: Toni Middleton
Council Member: Lillian Hanahan
Council Member: Denize Springer
Council Member: Pat Ryan
Council Member: Deborah Patrick
Council Member: Vacant
Council Member: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Past President: Vacant
Ex-officio Member: Marian Mermel
Ex-officio Member: Eric Sitzensatter
ASCOM Liaison: Denize Springer


College Council: Luanne Mullin
College Council: Marian Mermel