ESCOM Clubs are designed by and for our members.

There are currently over 25 clubs. For a complete listing of clubs, including day, time, location, and contact information, click on Club Listings under ‘Clubs’ on the left side of this page. 

Meetings are typically held in the ESCOM Centers located on the Indian Valley and Kentfield campuses of the College of Marin.  Please note there are occasionally off-campus club meetings.   

More information is contained in our monthly publication, Club Notes, edited by Jill Auggersbury, which is sent to your email address monthly.  Club Notes highlights current club activities and events.

The Club Chair is Ellen Breazeale. You can contact her about any existing club or about a club you’d like to start!  Email Ellen at: breazeales@comcast.net or call: 415-892-6546. 

We encourage you to visit an ESCOM Center and talk to our volunteers.