ESCOM Flex Week 2021 Video

June 16th, 2020 - 1:01pm

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Supporting Students and Harnessing the Power of ESCOM: A Formula for Success

On August 16, 2021 ESCOM participated in the College of Marin Flex-Week, professional staff training event. Our program Supporting Students and Harnessing the Power of ESCOM: A Formula for Success was led by a five member ESCOM team (Luanne Mullin, Anne Pearson, Gloria Dunn Violin, Gary Gonser and Kevin Colgate).  We were joined by three COM guest speakers, Becky Reetz, Director of EOPS, CARE and CalWORKs, Dr. Yashica Crawford, Professor of Psychology, and COM Librarian Dave Patterson in our talk about ESCOM's upcoming new initiatives, Mentoring, Speaker’s Bureau and Panel Discussions. Our event was well attended, and we thank all participants for their support. 

Flex-Week event was an amazing opportunity to connect with the COM staff to identify specific ways ESCOM members can support student success in and out of the classroom and collaborate on ways to build strong ESCOM/COM partnerships. 

As an organization of active adults, we are ready and willing to bring a wealth of professional experience, expertise and wisdom to enhance learning and intergenerational dialog through mentoring, panel discussions, shared programs, and more.  

We hope to write more about our initiatives in the coming months and have these programs up and running soon.