June 27th, 2022 - 11:15am

Club News & Notes comes directly to all our members monthly.  

You can learn about ESCOM’s 30+ Clubs, find out when they meet, where, or what they do and how to join or start a club? 

Clubs are a great social meeting place where you can enjoy your favorite activities, chess, bridge, current events, books, make new friends, renew an old passion that you’ve let go over the years, or just learn something new.

ESCOM Clubs are free to our members.  To join ESCOM, go to “Join ESCOM” and you will find the Membership Request form at the bottom of the page. 

Every month, our Club News & Notes Editor, Ellen Breazeale publishes Club News & Notes and the updates from the 30 plus ESCOM Club Leaders including special events going on in ESCOM.  Ellen works hard to send articles and events of interest right into your inbox via Constant Contact every month. 

If you wish to join a club, please take a look at the Club Listings on the Club home page and if you wish to start a new club, contact our Club Chairperson, Ellen Breazeale at