May 22nd, 2020 - 11:55am

ESCOM launched our second Member Survey in 2019.

    2019 Member Survey

The survey indicates that over a quarter of members have been members for 6+ years.  Membership is predominately female and the average age of members is 72.9.  Over half our members have post graduate degrees. 

Members are generally satisfied with ESCOM and our renewal rate among members is high.  Members prefer classes to clubs, with 72% favoring classes and 25% club members, and they don’t necessarily cross over. 

Community Education is a critical element to ESCOM’s long-term viability.  Two thirds of members learn about ESCOM from the Community Education catalog and web pages.  Most members join to take classes or to join clubs. The course catalog is a vital channel for attracting new members as well as the recommendation of friends. 

Class discounts and fees are very important to ESCOM members.  Class discounts rank at the top of what members value about ESCOM.  Most members feel class fees are comfortable but (23%) rates them as being too high. 

Members are aware of the Haddie Scholarships and ask that ESCOM continues to evaluate potential avenues of financial support to help underwrite the cost of classes and attract new academic instructors (art history, philosophy, history, music theory, literature, sciences and religion.  Please let us know if you have any great thoughts about this or wish to work with us to expand our outside funding sources!

Members ask that ESCOM do a better job to inform new members about the benefits and activities offered with membership. We are planning more Member Coffees and would love to know your thoughts on what would be helpful to our new members.  Email us at

Communication is both well received (95% of members are aware of ESCOM communication) but it is also a concern of our members.  Events & Activities, Club Notes and the Journal are the most popular and well-read publications.  Our web pages are lagging behind but we are working hard to keep them updated with good information for members.  We try very hard to balance electronic communication with printed information that we post or distribute to both our ESCOM Centers.  We are looking at New Member Packets and calls to new members from our volunteers.  We’d also like to start some orientation to our web pages and other publications. 

A fairly good number of our members also participate in outside programs like OLLI, and Marin JCC including lectures, workshops and fitness classes.