Annual ESCOM Council Vision Session

May 22nd, 2020 - 12:25pm


On a cool January morning we met at IVC: 21 of us—Council members, Committee Chairs and Council liaisons, supplied with lots of coffee and bagels. 

This Visioning Session was an opportunity to have three undisturbed hours together to discuss ESCOM and envision our future — where we are, where we want to go, what programs and events to offer. This year, upcoming COM policy changes give us an opportunity to re-think our organization, re-visiting questions such as: What are our values? What is our purpose? How are we serving older adults in Marin County? 

Reimagining our mission for growth and innovation led us to three basic questions reflecting what we understand are the opinions of many of our 1700 members. Below are the questions. And potential answers:


1.What is the ESCOM benefit you value the most?

Education/lifelong learning and intellectual stimulation
Camaraderie, social activity, and meeting new people
Participating in ESCOM fosters connections, opportunities for social involvement, and gives members a voice within the COM community
Giving back to the Marin community 


2. What are suggestions for new programs, collaborations?    

Monthly scheduled free social events at the Centers, including “Pop-Up” activities.
Free workshops (popular topics) with expert presenters including one-day and half-day academic classes 
Collaboration with other COM organizations including daytime and evening activities at IVC 
Expanded volunteer programs with organizations both inside and outside COM 
How to start a new club—instructions and training.


3. How do we maintain a strong member base and generate income?     

Marketing membership in ESCOM through a variety of innovative actions. 
Revenue generation: membership donations, large gift solicitations, foundation grants, revival of Gold Card member benefits, fees for special ESCOM activities and events. 
Members-only communications as a benefit of membership; information about upcoming ESCOM events, community activities, and COM opportunities.