2018 Council Vision Session

February 12th, 2018 - 12:48pm


The ESCOM Council held the second annual Vision Session at Indian Valley Campus on January 13th.

In the lead up to the session, a group of council members met to plan and prioritize topics of discussion.  My favorite was “What is the overall mission of ESCOM? Is it to serve the community, offer Clubs, classes, serve seniors, social engagement, activities, continuing education?  And what opportunities do we offer our members for greater involvement?” A great question and one we very want answered by our membership.  To that end, we will be launching a new survey of our membership in the near future.

Other questions of interest include:

  • What is ESCOM?
  • What are our responsibilities as Council members and how do we individually see that role?
  • How do we use our funds to achieve our goals and mission?

In addition, we wanted to expand ESCOM policies to include expectations and responsibilities of Council members, look for ways to create “community for members” including special events and member open houses. 

Our facilitator for the day, past ESCOM President, Dick Park, lead us in a fabulous exercise called “WOOP”, WISH, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan, where you write down your wish, describe the best possible outcome you can imagine for achieving this goal, what obstacles you will have to overcome to achieve your goal and plan your first steps to implement overcoming the obstacles.  It was a fascinating exercise and one the Council members can take with them while working on ESCOM’s future.

I want to thank all those who both planned and participated in this event and I wanted to share it with the membership because there may be one or two of you out there (or maybe more!) who might be interested adding your thoughts to the conversation, or in joining the Council and bringing your ideas about ESCOM to the table, the ESCOM Council table that is….

And, you are always welcome to share your ideas with us or come to a Council meeting.  Just send us an email at escom@marin.edu and we’ll get back to you with the next date, location and time.

Anne Pearson, ESCOM President